Straight question to the community: Patreon and other things


This has given me an idea.
There’s a lot of threads on the Arduboy forums about what kind of bags people use to keep their Arduboys in because there’s no ‘official’ bag,
so how about a Pokitto bag/satchel to keep the Pokitto in?

It might be possible to buy some bags wholesale and arrange to have the Pokitto logo stamped all over them,
or maybe even order a custom batch (in Pokitto colours) if there’s enough interest.

I’d be tempted to get a black one, not too keen on the white though,
I think it clashes too much with the bright green.

I’d agree to this for early access.


I like the idea of paying for early access and tipping for already released games.

A pouch sounds good too.


Should we start a poll or wait for more suggestions?

So far I’ve got:

  • Donations to Pokitto website
  • Dontations to game developers, with a slice going to Pokitto Oy (size of slice decided by game author)
  • Dontations to game developers, with a slice going to Pokitto Oy (size of slice decided by donator)
  • Dontations to game developers, with fixed slice of all donations going to Pokitto Oy
  • Game Boxes
  • Game User Manuals
  • Plush Toys
  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Bags/Pouches
  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Patreon


this sort of thing would work I think…


The openness is what makes Pokitto stand out and it would be sad if it became just another mainstream player, so the moment games here go proprietary + DRM in order to make profit, I’m out – not saying it’s good or bad, I just want this personal preference of the minority I represent be heard, as I am a small part of this community as well. However early access to yet unreleased versions is something I’d accept, as long as the final release is eventually made open to everyone. I could also probably live with delayed open-sourcing as well unless it takes a really long time, but that’s where I’d draw the line.

Asking for donations, tips and payment for services (such as crowdfunding the creation of the game) is perfectly fine though. I’d say let’s focus on these.


I don’t want to sound too negative here, but is the Pokitto community big enough to start selling merchandise? I mean that you would probably have to order large quantities from the manufacturer to make it profitable?


He did say “just for a short time,” so he wasn’t suggesting we start making games proprietary. I don’t think proprietary games would make any sense at all here.

It depends on the type of merchandise. There are companies that specialize in orders that aren’t in bulk (like one-off T-shirts). Jonne might also be able to make the stickers or 3d print certain things instead of outsourcing?


I’m totally for openness, equally for software and hardware :wink:
And as already highlight my suggestion is just early bird. A way to both use the high visibility a new game have at release and rise the hype to make some revenues.
This passed, the game will be pay what you want (even nothing). And maybe a new game come out.
Is something we as programmer and user can donate to pokitto.


Making for example a Pokitto T-shirt costs no upfront investment.

The price for a buyer (including shipment) would be 20-25$ and of that 9$ would come to Pokitto.

So even a simple thing like making a T-shirt could actually help alot.


What about adding original game characters to the Pokitto packing tape and letting people buy it?

Getting your character on the tape could be a prize much like the badges we have now.


Merchandice and Patreon sound good to me. Actually, I have for a long time wanted to have an official Pokitto mug or T-shirt.

It also would be a good motivation to get the game ready if your game theme then becomes a part of the Pokitto merchandise that would be available in the Pokitto shop (!).


I agree, that prestige could boost the motivation to create original games and characters. I would be thinking about reviving Steamer Duck (my avatar picture) for this.


I like that idea!
So if Jonne considers a game to be complete, or simply likes it enough, then it gets a mug/t-shirt/mousemat etc. design added to the shop? It might help me get a game past 75% complete :slight_smile:




We’ll do that.


As i said some time ago make a decent and interesting tamagotchi version (maybe just a „living pokitto“, as it has a face already) and i am sure we can extend the user base😉


That’s what Little pokitto people could be in some ways, right?


Maybe… The C64 Version is a lot different from modern tamagotchis. The interesting part in those is (as i presume) that there are always new characters or events to find out about or when you can breed/develop characters.


@Zockeromi Little Pokitto People could be something else then a carbon copy of the c64 game. I just like the idea of a little Pokitto living in my pokitto, and there’s potential for expanding it’s use in some ways. And as we talked about here, could even be used for some basic coding learning tool… The other day I was thinking about the possibility of doing like that Logo Writer thing we used to use to code some games

We could even change the turtle cursor for a Pokitto icon lol


If polar parcel had - let’s say - 100 levels and some more new ideas/items this could easily be a system seller. A nice merch box with sticker, booklet and a little stuffed toy for example and maybe a level editor…:heart_eyes: ok i am dreaming


My 2 cents (U.S, so not too valuable) on the topic:

Merchandise is necessary and honestly when I first was shopping for Pokitto I was curious why there wasn’t anything like that. I’d love a coffee mug with Pokitto related art on it to bring to the office! Or two so I can also have one at home.

I absolutely love and agree with the concept of selling physical sd cards preloaded with a game on it and accompanied with a small booklet and box case. I too have fondest of memories reading the booklets before getting home to play.

An official carrying case would make me so happy. I always worry about packing my little Pokitto for trips.

Hats and hardware are always on my radar. I’m starting to experiment with my own sensor kits too. I’d definitely pay for a “hat developer kit” with a few sensors and a small guide to get started.

Ok, top of my list and something I gaurantee I’d buy: hat developer kit. As previously mentioned something with a few sensors and wires and random electronics (similar to the elegoo arduino kits) and a starter booklet (or a place online?) would easily peak my interest. Could even sell a kit version which includes a Pokitto :o… Since for me, the pex and extendable hardware is what sold me on Pokitto.

Edit: I don’t have an ir emitter. If a kit had one of those I’d be even more than 100% guarantee to buy it.