Status update: 87 Pokittos and counting

Hello all

I just spoke with Daniel. We have 87 Pokitto PCB’s ready & tested and more coming. FYI: 570 Pokittos were ordered, of which 340 were earlybirds.

The PCB’s are great. They are funny and I have never seen graphics like this on any PCB.

But I don’t want to spoil the surprise - so you will not see any pictures before we ship. Sorry.

Shipping packages are on their way from Germany, plastic parts are ready. Molly from China sent us the tracking number for the batteries a couple of days ago. SD game loader is working. Looking much better now now.

I also set up a room for packaging & shipping. In those boxes are hundreds of Pokitto plastic parts in different colors. This is where Kickstarter units will begin their journey. Looking forward to starting the work.


This is wonderful news! The emailed project update mentions shipping from both the U.S. and Finland. Will you be assembling at both locations? Will you have a friendly competition to see who can assembler more? It’s got to be fun for at least the first couple dozen, especially if you have something good on the radio.