State of Kickstarter & other important things to discuss

Hello all

Every once in a while it is important to stop, step back and take a look at where we are going.

Take a cup of tea or coffee, this is going to be a bit long.

I believe that it’s important backers and community members to really know what’s going on. I am going to share what we are doing and what I am thinking. Feel free to comment, criticize, give feedback and ideas for improvements. I take all feedback equally seriously. There are no silly questions, and I do listen and learn from even the most critical opinions, even if I argue back at times.

State of Kickstarter right now

  1. we have ordered all the components (LCD’s, batteries etc.) for both the Earlybirds and Standard units

  2. new PCB’s with better button components and RTC (Real Time Clock) was designed by Daniel. New boards are coming somewhere after 20th of this month (June)

  3. Some improvements have been planned and are going to be done to the plastic molds, and they will take a few days. The main thing is to make the buttons fit “tighter” in their places. This is a common issue and usually requires a bit of finetuning. We anticipated this in our original plans, it only requires us to “touch” the mold in a few places with the CNC milling machine.

In summary: no time was wasted in getting the move on after the Kickstarter. Even so, we may have been a little bit optimistic with the schedule, especially the Earlybirds & the addition of the RTC. We will do everything we can to keep to the original schedule. However, your satisfaction with the product is our #1 priority, and we are making the product as good as we can before we ship.

Thought #1: empowering the community to do more

I’ve been blown away by the games and demos that the community has been able to create with the simulator. The submission to #CGAjam was an incredible display of teamwork. The tools that have been made and the game ideas are better than I could make.

First: we owe it to this incredible community to open up the source to the sim completely, so that you can participate fully in its development. This will gradually happen within 30 days, on github, with commented API on Wiki. That is a promise.

Secondly, I would feel a lot better if there was a “core team” of a few people (3-4 for starters) who want to be involved in looking after the most critical bits of the code. Job description requires ability to communicate and take and give criticism without getting offended. If you feel this is something you want to be involved in, please raise your hand (or nominate someone) in whatever way you wish. Please understand that I want to keep the core team small. This is not because I do not trust everyone, but because a small team is easier to manage in the beginning - we will grow the core team as things move forward.

Thought #2: expanding the Pokitto user base to 10x more

The thing that has surprised me the most about running this project has been the difficulty of getting the marketing message through to different media outlets. The truth is, however, that we have not yet sent any devices to reviewers etc. So it is not *really* a big surprise that getting media coverage is difficult.

Blog round coming:

We have been approached by people like Boing Boing and they will write stories when we first send them units to review. There are a number of other review sites that are also waiting.

Second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo:

After we have completed the blog round (or at the same time) we are contemplating running a second crowdfunding round with better pictures, stories from review sites and a more finished product all in all. The campaign may also involve different kind of kits that allow you to build funny stuff and connect it to Pokitto. Please comment: do you think a second crowdfund is a good idea?

PokittoGameJAM on

This is something I would really like to do. How do you all feel?

That’s all for now.

Please comment, your ideas are very important to me and the Pokitto project.



First of all, thank you for keeping us updated. Things like that really make me feel like a valued member of the community. Now for my long comments.

I would love to help with thought #1 but my programming is not up to snuff. I am all up for opening up the simulator code tho. I think this will allow people to find ways to push pokitto beyond of what we think its capable. I am all up for it!

As for second campaign on indiegogo, I think it is a great idea, but only after the blogs written about the devices, and then I would probably wait another week or so. You want some time to generate hype.

As for blogs, places like indie retro news might be interested. Retrogamers are a pretty good target market to dip into. If we would manage to have an emulator of things like commodore 64 or ZX spectrum (would that even be possible?) running on pokitto there would be a whole lot of interested parties.

Another thing that could help is to have some “killer apps” to start. I can see the roguelike being one, as roguelikes are 1). evergreen, so you can play them over and over and 2). have a decent niche following, and the more niches pokitto can attract, the better (You definitely want to go after more than just the electronics DIY niche).

The killer app takes us to Pokitto Jam. I think it is a great idea, but not sure when to host it. Too early, and the hype won’t be there when its time for indiegogo. Too late, and there might not bring enough people to the campaign. Maybe the jam finishing at least a week before the campaign ends would be a good ballpark to aim for? Not sure :confused:

Anyway, that’s my pretty lengthy two cents.


second crowdfunding without fulfilling the first looks and would be shown to media outlets as a cash grab
i would highly suggest not doing any other type of this and just focus on setting up a store front to be able to take pre orders since right now anyone who finds out about it might forget about it in a month or so

about jam also holding off until hardware, asking @jonne with 30 or more entries " does this work on hardware" seems kinda nuts

about @VonBednar killer apps. so i will be opening up my platformer to the community just like the rogue like
so that might be 2 community projects, there is always the big one to bring up and thats rpg’s but for that we realy need sd card api stuff since you dont wanna store all that text on the chip


First, thank you for the update. As a backer, I’m much happier with a project that runs late but I know what’s going on than one that’s on time but I have no idea that’s the case until I get a package in the mail.

On the idea of growing the community, can I suggest going on’s FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) Weekly podcast? While the title say “Software”, they’re happy to talk about pretty much any kind of open project. You’ll reach thousands of people, and be given a chance to appeal to them for the kind of help you’re looking for.

You can get back episodes from, or contact the host directly at for more information and scheduling (and he recommends the project lead or potential guest do that).


Thanks @mwm @VonBednar @adekto for the feedback!

Keep the ideas & opinions coming, we really think and use the feedback we get. We discuss things with Daniel and many of the ideas lead to things even if its not immediately visible on the surface.

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The second crowdfunding could be good or bad but as @adekto said it would probably be seen as a cash grab, it happened on the chip forum when they crowdfunded dashbot. I’d suggest a storefront as well and take some preorders.

As for a killer app, I couldn’t program my way out of a wet paper bag but I can come up with ideas and would be happy to share them. A good rpg would be great especially because the rpg fans are highly loyal to a system format, but I also think something like Wario Ware or WTF on the psp or Frobisher says on the vita would be ideal, lots of simple fast paced mini games

I really want a pokitto, my pocket chip needs a little brother or sister.

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