State of Arduboy libs

Hi. Theres an ongoing discussion on Arduboy forums about what Arduboy libraries have been ported to Pokitto.

I have ported at least Arduboy, Arduboy2 & ArduboyTones. Don’t remember if I did the Playtunes thing yet. Has not been priority 1.

I will try to get a few open AB games up as well.

Several Team A.R.G. games run, but they want to release them by themselves.

Last time I commented on Pokitto on Arduboy forums, Kevin closed the thread. So I respect its his domain. Just FYI I understand and respect his decision, zero hard feelings.


Can we try too? I want to start learning with pokitto, I believe porting my Arduboy game is a good exercise. Plus we can help enhance the libraries.

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Ofcourse. I’ll put them up as soon as I can. No guarantee they work with online ide yet

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Sound programming is my one major weakness, otherwise I’d offer.

If there are any non-sound related libraries or libraries that don’t require intimate hardware knowledge I’d happily offer to help port them.

In regards to the discussion in the other thread (since I’m one of the ones involved), I decided to reply because I try my best to be helpful and answer people’s questions where I can.
(Evidently I don’t always know everything, so it’s nice to have an official word on the matter.)

@jonne, to clarify, my intention in mentioning you was just to make you aware of the situation, I wasn’t purposely trying to get you to address the situation because I know how busy you are with everything else (as I mentioned in the thread).
Despite which I’m glad you have decided to address it.

I respect that Kevin wouldn’t want too many mentions of the Pokittos on the Arduboy forums, and likewise I try to avoid mentioning the Arduboy forums here (despite the notable overlap in forum members).

As such, I have since attempted to curb the conversation by suggesting that the Arduboy forums are not necissarily a suitable place for the discussion.

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Maybe, if you’re willing to pay for it and let it become closed-source.
(I’m looking at you, Arduventure)

I wonder if they will be able to deliver a meaningful game of any depth on the Arduventure stuff.

I made a very complicated game on the Gamebuino and when you try to add any kind of real storyline gameplay, you run out of flash veeeeery quickly. And the arduboy doesnt even have the SD card to fall back on.

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Arduventure isn’t closed source though.
They’ve said they’re planning to release the source code but not for the best part of a year (most likely to stop people spoiling the game by abusing the source code, which is fair enough).

I’m very interested in a colored Mystic Balloon with maybe additional or completely reworked levels (Mystic Balloon 2?). It took a while for my Pokitto to come, some sort of mix up with shipment. Arduventure is of course our top priority right now. I don’t anticipate the source for Arduventure to remain permanently closed. I definitely want it to be open for educational reasons.

Hi Gavin!

Great to have you here. Yep, sorry for the mistakes with shipping your reward.

About Arduventure: how are you going to be able to cram any gameplay into the game? My experience on the AtMega328 was that implementing any sort of story made the Flash run out very fast.

Oops… I am repeating myself. But since you are here, that is one aspect of the Arduventure project that is very interesting to me.

No hard feelings, these things happen.

I’m going to remain tight lipped on Arduventure for now :wink:

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Looking forward to seeing it!