[Start]1.Assembling and connecting Pokitto to PC


If anyone has the same trouble I had, it does seem simply to be that I was trying to copy the file before it was fully ready.
Since then I have been using a batch file to copy the compiled .bin across.

The following windows .bat file will first detect the pokitto, then delete firmware.bin from it and yopy testcode.bin to it. Once it is finished, it is safe to reset the pokitto. I have been doing this for the past few days without any issues at all.


@echo off

set VAR=Destination
for /f "skip=1" %%L in ('wmic logicaldisk where volumename^="CRP DISABLD" Get Caption') do @call :SetVar %%L

echo Copying data from %Source% to %Destination%

del %Destination%\firmware.bin
copy testcode.bin %Destination%\firmware.bin

goto :EOF

set Label=%1
if NOT [%Label%]==[] set %VAR%=%Label%
goto :EOF


Convenient, I’ll add this in Embitz to copy to Pokitto after as Post Build Step.


I already do same thing :smile:
Mac os uploading problem


I’m having trouble troubleshooting the device. I’ve adjusted the screen ribbon several times, making sure to lock the black tabs. Perhaps I have damaged a component trying to assemble the Pokitto. So I want to know how to interpret the output of the pre-loaded testing program.

The testing program is emitting a rapid series of faint audio clicks / beeps. Is this the expected behavior when there is a problem connecting to the screen?


First of all, welcome to the community.

Secondly, you will get a working device. We will ship you a new one if needed.

Third, the device does not need a display to work. You should be able to get it connected to a computer no matter what.

So. Lets do this step by step.

  1. get on a windows machine (if possible)
  2. power off pokitto
  3. connect with usb cable provided to computer
  4. let it charge (powered off) for 10 min
  5. press and keep holding down the lower button at the back. usb cable is kept connected to pc
  6. while holding the button down, power on Pokitto
  7. a flash drive called CRP_DISABLD should pop up

Finally, please report what happened here



Thank you so much for your quick responses, Jonne. Unfortunately, I have to do this on my Mac. Following your instructions, I see the ‘CRP DISABLED’ volume mounted with the ‘firmware.bin’. The noises cease when it’s in Flash Drive mode.


Thats good. It means the processor is working and talking with the computer.

Now. Lets make sure your device is simply not out of charge. For safety reasons, Pokittos are shipped with li-pos at <30% charge.

Let the device charge for a while and try to start it up. Also, if you can, please take and post a pic of the lcd cable inside the lcd connector so we make 200% sure its not the cause



Ok. That looks correct.

Could you try to take, for example, this binary:

And put it on the device using these instructions:

Please report back. If you still can’t get anything sensible happening, we will send you a new Pokitto asap.


using windows 10, did everything above, can’t seem to connect to my pokitto as a usb flash drive. All I get is an unnamed volume (E:) which I can’t access. As you can see in the pic I uploaded, it says insert disk… any ideas why and how can I fix this please?


That is very puzzling @musashi. You see, I can’t understand why Pokitto would be identified as a portable device. I have never seen that. I would understand if the USB connection failed but to be identified as a wrong type of device makes no sense at all.

  1. are you sure you have no additional drive management programs, such as HP Drive Manager?
  2. try another cable
  3. try another pc


No other drive management programs, this is a fairly fresh vanilla windows 10 install. Tried a few other USB cables, same problem. No other pc around right now, will have to wait for tomorrow. Bummer, was so looking forward to playing with pokitto.


I am totally puzzled by what your PC has done. It makes no sense at all. If it was an “unrecognized USB device” it would make sense.

Can you boot into safe mode?


need to run an errand, will try safe mode later, if it helps I grabbed the event log:

Device SWD\WPDBUSENUM\_??_USBSTOR#Disk&Ven_NXP&Prod_LPC1XXX_IFLASH&Rev_1.0#ISP&0#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b} requires further installation.

Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service WUDFWpdFs for Device Instance ID SWD\WPDBUSENUM\_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_NXP&PROD_LPC1XXX_IFLASH&REV_1.0#ISP&0#{53F56307-B6BF-11D0-94F2-00A0C91EFB8B} with the following status: 0.

Driver Management concluded the process to install driver wpdfs.inf_amd64_4b4cfcfa114bdc22\wpdfs.inf for Device Instance ID SWD\WPDBUSENUM\_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_NXP&PROD_LPC1XXX_IFLASH&REV_1.0#ISP&0#{53F56307-B6BF-11D0-94F2-00A0C91EFB8B} with the following status: 0x0.



is your answer @musashi. It appears you possibly have the W10 anniversary update that broke the USBMSC functionality. You need the windows update mentioned in the last reply in the thread above


In safe mode, plugged pokitto in, held back lower button while turning on and same thing happens. I get a drive volume E: which can’t be accessed.


see my answer above


Ah! Thank you! Short of enduring ms updates, any other way this can be fixed?


get a pre-anniversary version of Win 10 (maybe)

EDIT: IDK if anyone else finds Microsoft updates harder and harder to accept. Win 10 creators update was absolute bollocks


Haha. I guess I’d just use another pc. Then again I could just use the sdcard loader right?