Splatoon dust plug

So this is really random but the other day I noticed my Splatoon keychain matches my Pokitto color scheme perfectly, so I turned it into a little charm/ headphone dust plug. Of course sound doesn’t work when it’s plugged in but it still looks nice to me.


This could also probably be done by using something to attach the chain to the Pokitto’s arms or feet if you didn’t want to use up your headphone socket.

All you’d need is the right lego technic piece with some kind of hook attached.


Is it a squid or a kid

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It’s a squid. Splatoon is a multiplayer paintball on WiiU and Switch game. My kids played it constantly until Zelda came and took over. Now its been all Zelda since christmas.


My kids also played Zelda BOTW to the end in Switch. Then they were obsessed about Super Mario Odyssey.

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In case the meme went over anyone’s head:

Of course, back in my day the only squids we cared about were this one:

And its relatives: