Does anyone think that this would be possible to port to Pokitto?



You had me worried there. Usually, when someone says “Speech?” it means I have to stand up and make a fool of myself in a social occasion. :joy:


how good/bad is it?


A bit more robotic than the intellivoice, but plenty of documentation for making it sound different.

Intellivoice had 2kb of samples in ROM, not sure we can do that.


(It’s possible to port a speech synthesizer to a piano.)

Sounds awesome :slight_smile:

I did that with a midi converter about 20 years ago, fun, but terrible.

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Problem is it’s abandonware :confused: The only open speech synth I know is espeak. It’s pretty compact, but still might be too complex for Pokitto (haven’t studied it). How about writing a super tiny original synth for Pokitto, and make it port-friendly for other platforms too?

There are techniques for sampleless speech synthesis right? (I don’t have much knowledge in this field, but from learning about vocoders at school I remember some speech models based on resonators that basically only require storing a few coefficients?)

Pretty sure someone ported this to Arduboy, so I’d say by logic of processor power that the answer is ‘yes’.

If not, just port this to Pokitto: