Sound not working on simulator

I’m preparing for Ludum Dare, and I noticed that there isn’t any sound in the simulator. Audio is a category in LD, so I kinda need this to be fixed ASAP if I want to do well in the jam…also, my games don’t feel right without sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux / Mac / Win?

Windows. I tested pretty much all of the sound functions, and only sound.begin() makes a sound, and that’s a small crackling sound…

Ok. please copy-paste your My_settings.h here

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    @file     My_settings.h
    @author   XX

    @section HOW TO USE My_settings

   My_settings can be used to set project settings inside the mbed online IDE


#define PROJ_HIRES 0            //1 = high resolution (220x176) , 0 = low resolution fast mode (110x88)
#define PROJ_ENABLE_SOUND 1     // 0 = all sound functions disabled


@epicdude312 I know you’re going for LD so I’m really trying to find time to solve your problems

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