Some music resources for your games

Hi @spinal was asking about this, I decided to make a thread for benefit of everyone

Some good music resources that I have found online

completely free

… the legendary Kevin McCloud (aka Incompetech, aka 25% of YT home videos)

And a massive amount of pretty good music (check licenses!)[]=12&sort_by=count&sort_order=DESC

… to be continued


I’d like to add to the list also :slight_smile:

I’d like to point out that “royalty free” is not the same as “public domain” (or CC0),
so please make sure to check the licences when using any music from ‘royalty free’ sites.

In many cases you still have to provide credit to the author to properly adhere to the licence.

I don’t say this just to be pedantic, people have given up their own time to create this music,
the least they deserve is a bit of credit.
(If you don’t want to give credit, you can usually buy the right to not have to provide attribution.)
(Note - he says ‘Creative Commons’ but appears to mean ‘CC BY-SA’ going by the logo on the left hand side.)

(Most music is CC BY, which is similar to the Apache 2.0 licence for code,
i.e. you can change it as much as you like,
but you must provide a copyright notice to say who the original author is,
and you must indicate if any changes were made.)


One other thing to note about “royalty free” is its not the same as “free”
Royalty free means you don’t pay royalties (portion of the sales of whatever product uses the music/sounds) but more often than naught still charges a flat fee per project to use the resources.

If you search “royalty free music” you’ll find the vast majority are either licensed out on a per project basis for a flat fee, or the site uses a subscription model to get “unlimited” access to use in any project.

Best bet is to search “creative commons music” or “public domain music” (depending on whether you’re ok with proper attribution).

IMHO: even public domain works should still deserve some kind of nod to the original author/artist for they’re hard work and efforts.


The model used by many of the linked resources is to require attribution for the free version,
but to charge a flat fee for the right to not provide attribution.

Tim Beek is the only one I noticed using the ‘subscription’ model,
but only for some songs though, others use the (to coin a phrase) CC-or-fee model.

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My tunes can be freely used as well if someone wants, and (mostly older tracker stuff). Most tunes in Soundcloud have downloads and source files available and are licensed with Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, the tracker stuff is also free to use as long as you give some kind of attribution :slight_smile:


I’ve just been made aware if these -

" Archive: GameAudioGDC

Each year we give away thousands of dollars worth of sound effects for free in celebration of the Game Developers Conference. This is our archive. Everything is royalty-free and commercially usable. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects."