[Solved]White screen when I start the Pokitto

I know it’s probably the first thing you tried, but have you tried a different usb cable, different usb port, different computer?

Yes, Yes and Yes

I wonder if perhaps the usb connector is faulty?

Can I check this?


Hi Wandi

Sorry I forgot about this and now I am on my way to USA. Back on monday.

I am going to ship you one more Pokitto on monday. Lets see if that works.

Like I said, we will get this working.


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Okay. Thanks for sending my a third pokitto.

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I have sent you a third Pokitto. This one is assembled and thoroughly tested to work, from all angles. It flashes, reads SD card, all buttons work, and a tested USB cable is also included.

Let’s see what happens this time.


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I got the Pokitto,

I try to connect it with my computer… it works everything is wokring fine.

I try to connect the other pokittos with the same cable… works.

I try to connect the third pokitto that you send me now with the other cables you send me… doesnt works.
Okay, now we know it was the cabel… im wondering now why 5 cabels doesnt work. Maybe the Pokitto you send me had an driver or something that the other 2 works now? When not im sorry. And 2 last questions : why does your pokitto have an loader and an “Select volume limit” programm? And do i have to send you the third pokitto back.

Eeehhhmmm. Why did this thing fall of?

That is really bad luck…is that the one that worked ?

Now all 3 are working

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It seems @wandi means the usb cable head came off.

It is possible, that he got a bunch of bad USB cables and that was the root of the problem.

See! I trust my little Pokittos. Overall, there have been <20 cases of problems (out of ~700). And every single one has been solved so far.

@Wandi: give one of the Pokittos to a friend and tell him/her that I said hi!


Alright than! Thanks for all.
So I dont have to send the one back you send me?

No. But be kind and give one of the three to someone else. Then we get one more new Pokitto user.


Alright, i`ll give it to my best freind ;D


oh, sorry could not really tell from the picture

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Wow! 3 working Pokittos!


Am I detecting something here ;-)?