[Solved]White screen when I start the Pokitto

Yes, i am.

I will make a troubleshooting video for you later today

Edit: tomorrow. Too tired now. Shipped 2kg of Pokittos today


@Wandi :

Here you go:


Oh my god. Im such an idiot. Im sorry for the trouble making.

… Yea, solved 1 problem 2 new.

1.) My Pokitto isnt showing as flash drive Ive got Windows 10
I tryed 5 USB Slots and 3 cabels
2.) My SD Card isn`t woking, do i have to use a 1-4 SD Card or can I also use my 32 GB SD Card?

I’ts not a problem, a couple of other users have had the same problem.

In a way it’s a good thing since we can now use the video that @jonne made to help other new users.

I’m not sure about 32GB but 16GB cards have been confirmed to work fine:

How are you trying to get it to connect?

The Pokitto won’t show up just by plugging in, you have to:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Turn it on
  3. Hold down the lower button on the back
  4. Gently tap the upper back button. (I find 3 times in 1 second usually does the job.)

If you’ve got your speakers or headphones plugged in and the sound up you’ll hear the windows connect noise and it’ll treat the Pokitto like any external memory device (i.e. like a USB stick).

After that you should have a drive called “CRP DISABLD” which should have precisely one file called “firmware.bin”.

To upload a new game you simply delete “firmware.bin” and replace it with any Pokitto .bin folder. To get the SD loading functionality you just need to make sure you get a .bin with it built in.
(I’m not sure which ones do and don’t have it, so I’ll leave @jonne to recommend one.)

After that, find the drive on the left hand side of your file explorer, right click and select “Eject”. A few moments later the drive will unload itself (and Windows will probably give you a notification saying it’s gone). Then all you have to do is turn your Pokitto off and optionally unplug it.

After that it should work as intended and you should be able to play the game that was provided. If you have bin files on the SD you put in then the Pokitto should be able to load them through its loader functionality if you uploaded an appropriate .bin file.

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@Wandi I will make a troubleshooting part 2 today, and we will look at how to connect

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Don’t worry about anything like this. The idea of Pokitto is to teach stuff. If you did not tell me where there are problems, I would not know what to teach. I appreciate questions like this, and now we have a video about it, if someone else has problems.


Hi. Please look at this video to make sure you understand how you connect to PC

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Isn`t working. Tried like you in the video but it does not pop up. If I put a SD Card in my Pokitto what do i have to do? Is it just like put the SD Card in and start/reset the Pokitto?

To use the SD card you need to download the Pokitto gamedisk from pokitto.com/games then unzip and put files on SD card. That is it.

But something is not right. There is no way that both Pokittos are failing to connect to a windows computer.

  1. do you have another computer you can try?

  2. do you have admin account on the computer you are trying to use?

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Thanks for the info. Just wanted to say that a SanDisk 32GB MicroSD Card doesn`t work (for me).

I tried on 2 Computers and had on both an admin acc.

Ok. Very odd.

Lets do this one more time, together.

  1. Power off pokitto

  2. Connect usb cable to pc

  3. Connect usb cable to pokitto

  4. Hold and keep flash button down (bottom button at the back)

  5. Keep holding flash button and now turn on pokitto

  6. Keep holding flash button

  7. What happens on pokitto and on pc? Nothing?

I personally packed and tested your pokittos, so I think at least 1 should work

I try to make tomorrow a video that should show you how it appears on my computer and Pokitto.


Maybe, just maybe, your computers are running the win10 anniversary edition:


There is a KB patch from Microsoft (see end of linked thread)

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@Wandi I get the feeling you are trying to add files to your SD card while it’s inside the Pokitto. Your SD card won’t show up while plugged into the Pokitto, you need to add files to it using a card reader (or SD slot if your computer has one). The CRP DISABLED file is all you should be able to access with the Pokitto plugged in.
So if you’ve followed the setup instructions and replaced the firmware.bin file with any of the other .bin game files, all you should need to do is plug your SD card into the computer, make sure it’s FAT32 formatted, and then copy the rest of the game files to it before plugging it into the Pokitto.

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@jonne Im aint using the anniversar.

@SexyNinjaMonkey I know that i cant see my SD Card on my Pokitto. And i can`t see the CRP DISABLED on my Computer.

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only thing I can now recommend is that you take a video of what happens. i really cant explain it any further without some more knowledge

I try to do it tomorrow. I`m sorry.

Nothing to be sorry about. We will get it to work, and I will help you until we do.

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