[Solved]White screen when I start the Pokitto

Hey guys i have a white screen when i start the pokitto why`?

When you first turned it on or after you tried to upload something?

If it’s your first attempt at booting the Pokitto, the most likely issues are either the screen cable hasn’t been clicked in properly or for some reason the reset line is being continually powered for some reason.

Otherwise, are you on a Mac?

If yes, see:

First :
Im on Windows 10.

And I started the Pokitto and nothing happend except this white screen.

Hiya Wandi! I personally programmed your pokittos, I know they work.

I will come and help you out a little bit later today

Hey Jonne!

Thanks! But I think I think I will not be able to do anything today, sure you can give me tips but i will write a answer tomorrow!

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I have moved this into its own topic thread so it doesn’t get confused with the original thread and so it’s easier to find.

I I took it apart and reassembled it. Again it is exactly the same as before. Then I put a SD card in it and it still is not.

99% of problems so far has been LCD cable not locked properly - step 7 in instructions. The black locking hatches have to be firmly pushed inside the connector on both side of the cable

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Hey @Wandi ! Did you get this working yet?

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I will try it at the weekend. I`ve got a lot to do.


So, I tryed now everything : I pluged it new in and I cleaned it. I realy dont know why this thing doesnt works :c It always has a white screen and my second pokittos Screen is always black.

Do you have Skype?

Yes, i got Skype. But if you want to make a Videocall or a call. Here 3 Problems :

1.) Im 13 years old 2.) My English isnt that good.
3.) I haven`t got a Webcam.

Does it show up as a drive on windows ?

No, unfortunately.

And u are holding the backbutton when switching it on ?

Yes, i am.

I will make a troubleshooting video for you later today

Edit: tomorrow. Too tired now. Shipped 2kg of Pokittos today


@Wandi :

Here you go:


Oh my god. Im such an idiot. Im sorry for the trouble making.