[Solved]White screen of nothing again

Just received my pokitto. Everything is fine so far but pokitto is stuck in some strange behavior, like some people seem to had before:
When i start the pokitto, it’s just showing a white screen. My situation:

  • Its NOT the display, demo worked
  • Win10

I tried out everything to get the loader installed, but the firmware.bin is coming back after reseting the pokitto.
Even the _copy.bat that was posted before can’t help. Is there anything I missed or I should try?

Possible problem: win 10 creators update, anniversary edition.

Do you have another comp to test?

Edit: another may be the usb cable

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Could you explain what happens when you plug it in in the flash mode?

FYI: I test every Pokitto twice before it ships but even then sometimes something goes wrong. All issues will be fixed

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It shows up as “CRP DISABLED” (or something like that). Than I delete the firmware.bin, and put the start.bin
(the one with the loader) on the pokitto. I tried out some other games bin’s but the result is always the same:
A white screen, no loader, no game and the firmware.bin is back. I tried to replace it also, with the same result.

That does not mean anything. The ROM will always show a firmware.bin when connected in CRP_DISABLED (flash) mode


Step by step:

  1. did you try another USB cable?

Yes. Nothing changes


  1. if you paste the start.bin to the device and reset (with the cable attached to the PC), does CRP_DISABLED pop up by itself?

No. But after resetting the Pokitto plays some randomly .snd data from the SD!?


Step 3. now that you have copied the start.bin to the device, and it is not popping automatically up as “CRP_DISABLED” we know some kind of a binary has been copied.

Now, put the Pokitto into flash mode (CRP_DISABLD), copy the firmware.bin and paste it here. I will cross check it with start.bin with a hex editor to see if the program is broken or not.

start.bin (256 KB)start.bin (256 KB)

Thanks. Back in a mo… wait. Did you copy this from the CRP_DISABLD drive? It should be called firmware.bin. Or did you rename it?

start.bin (256 KB)
Thats the one I get from copying

Comparing against the official start.bin, HxD editor says The chosen files are identical

Ok. So this is good news, because it means your Pokitto is programming normally

Step 4. The classic step.

Is your LCD connector absolutely, positively locked properly?

It was the display. I feel stupid now. I was so sure it is connected as it should, meaby it was’nt locked on one side. Sorry for making trouble and thanks for helping @jonne, im happy now :blush:

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Hey no problem!

I am here to help!