[Solved] White Screen of death :( (...it's really not death. Just the flashing mode)


I think ‘rethink the back buttons’ is steadily creeping up the todo list.
The issue’s gone mostly unnoticed because people haven’t really discussed it until recently.
It’s not a major issue, but it’s inconvenient.

If you hadn’t said you used the Windows computer, I would say that was almost certainly the result of a mac dumping a .ds_store file into the Pokitto.

A few hours of head scratching is better than having to ship a new board.
(It would be a waste to ship a new board if the existing board isn’t actually broken.)

Besides which, that’s what we’re here for (sort of).

(Now you just have to find yourself an interesting game to play. :P)


it is better, not foolproof but better, my little one has destroyed one but he killed many mini b