[SOLVED] Website title is PIKITTO



I guess it happens to the best of us. Back in my website development days, I’d always make dumb typos like that :joy:

Heh! :smiley: thanks for the heads up.

We were having some problems with google search not reading the title of page.

So we put some SEO in, and apparently wrote that.


Fixed, thanks @eried

For me the name is still PIKITTO :stuck_out_tongue:. Is it really fixed yet?

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I saved and updated it and its still there…

Yeah, odd.

If you’re using server side scripting, maybe the server has a cached copy of the generated page that it hasn’t disposed of?

It’s unlikely to be my local browser cache because my 3DS says the same and I’ve never looked at the Pokitto website on it before and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a very large cache anyway.

SEO optimisation plugin had “Homepage Title” setting separately, and the “Pikitto” was stored in there

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Yep, fixed.