[Solved] Us Linux users wanna play too!

Hey! So I’ve always wanted to learn c++. I’ve been writing in Lua for about a year now and want to mix things up. I’d stay the one thing that held me back from learning c++ was an actual tool or gadget like you have with pokitto to modivate me.

I was amazed when I first saw the pokitto, and it is such a cool idea. I love the different graphics modes and similar devices like the arduboy didn’t interest me with the lack of color ect…

Basically, I’m asking for you to cosider making a linux version for the simulator as a big priority right now so we can dig in :slight_smile:

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sim was made from day one with linux in mind. uses code::blocks and sdl2, both crossplatform. its only small things need to be fixed. it’ll run on linux very soon

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Awesome. I realized the simulator it’s self wasn’t cross-platform after trying to build the hello world example and it kept failing with no idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

pity about mac users tho. need to figure out some solution

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I just booted my Windows machine. Remote Desktop on my mac :D. Works for the time being.

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Unfortunately had to take care of business today, had no time to fire up Ubuntu.

will get back to this tomorrow

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Ok. Back in Ubuntu and cloning the repo. Let’s see how far I get today


When you update pokitto.zip please remind us(linux users)

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Linux is now compiling. Does not run correctly yet. Investigating.

Progress though! Your work is appreciated.

Segmentation fault with sound. Continuing investigation.

Success!! Runs now (with sound disabled. I need to find the cause of the segmentation fault)


You did it! :smile: Messing with it without sound for now is fine with me at least!

Going to put this up on Pokitto github later today (hopefully)


Still hopeful : ) Really can’t wait to dig in!

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other things just keep getting in the way. :sweat:

will get back to this today

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Have been continuing work on this. Cleaned up version destined for github compiles but segfault reappeared.