[Solved] SD Card Problems?

Does anyone have any ideas why an SD card would suddenly stop working? It’s a new card, still readable and writable from my computer and other devices, but now the Pokitto is giving the “No loader connected” error when I try to open the loader. It was working great for the last day or two - I was able to load a bunch of different games when I was testing - the only game to give any issues was the Mars Attack game, but I can’t troubleshoot that because now it’s not registering the loader.

Could the file format have been changed accidentally?

The Pokitto expects FAT-32 SD cards (as mentioned here).

Hi. There is a bug with bigger size binaries (Mars Attack because it uses MicroPython)

They get loaded but only partially. This breaks the loader. I am working on it.

“No loader connected” means that the loader is no longer in memory. To fix this, flash one of the other game binaries (for example Asterocks), make sure a file called LOA.DER is on SD card, and then press C on startup.

It should reinstall the loader that way. Be patient when it says “please wait”, it takes a while to begin


For some reason just deleting the firmware and putting a new .bin on the device didn’t work, but formatting the SD, and then repeating the new firmware/bin process did.


After charging pokitto today I’m getting the no loader connected message, how do I fix this as I’m not super literate in pokitto care and maintenance.