[Solved] Screw

Hello @jonne,

I just received my Pokitto and had some time to put it together with my kid.

We opened it up and put all the parts out. We are missing one number 13 screw. It’s the one that holds the pcb board onto the shell (the longer one).

After searching around my house for quite a bit, I couldn’t find anything similar. Could you tell me the size, model, or link me to the screw on Amazon.jp so I can buy it. Last resort, could you send me another one? I say last resort because I know it will take a good amount of time to arrive.

Thanks. Everything else looks good. I don’t want to start the build with my son until we have it all.


I once had a similar problem:

The response was:

Case screws: m1.7 x 5 mm
LCD holder screw m1.7 x 4 mm

It’s also since been added to the spec:

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@Pharap Thanks a lot!

Is this one right, just to double check:


It looks about right.
It might not grip as well though.

The one the Pokitto uses has a wider, flatter head, like this:

The thread/size itself is almost certainly right though.

It might be worth looking at local electronics/hardware shops first to see if you can find something that fits better.
Otherwise keep those as your backup plan.

@Pharap yeah, good idea. This one is 2 weeks shipping. I’m guessing from China.

It’s funny how one little screw spoils the party.

I will try this local electronics store and see if I can buy just one. Crossing the fingers.

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Hey! I will send you some screws today.

One screw is easily enough to keep the board in place, because the board is also held by the case when assembled. The large header on top of the board takes care of that.

Just use the one screw so that it is in the right side hole.

Sorry about that. You will manage until the screws arrive.


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Hey @jonne,

Thanks a lot. I just was looking at my local electronics store and the smallest they had was 2.1 x 6.6 flathead.

I don’t want to crack the plastic so I will do 1 screw like you said.

I hate to inconvenience you for something as small as a screw.

I appreciate you sending it!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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No, it was my mistake, and I apologize.

I would have done the Pokitto without screws if it was possible. But for legal reasons (li-po battery) the PCB has to be “fixed” to the body of the device

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@jonne It was a small oversight, not even a mistake. Thank you again for sending the screw.

Yeah, I understand about the battery legal reasons. Japan is pretty strict when it comes to shipping and importing batteries. It is allowed when the battery is in an enclosed device so I’m glad you put the Pokitto together and the battery was inside. If everything was separated, Japan customs could have seized it, if checked. Not sure if other countries have those same guidelines.

Once again, Thanks!

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Shipped today via priority mail. 2 screws :wink:

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@jonne Awesome! I think I’m going to wait to put it together. It’ll be my sons first electronic building opportunity!

Thanks again for the great idea, product, and opportunity. Customer service is fantastic too!

Personally, I’m looking forward to playing Castleboy on it. I hope everything is going well with that :slight_smile:

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Mine wouldn’t stay in. I had to use a hot glue gun to attach the thing

Do you mean the LCD holder screw? Un fortunately there have been cases of “badly formed screws” i.e. some of the threads of the screw are missing. Hard to detect.

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For future reference, if that happens again (or to anyone else) then I’d recommend asking to be sent another screw or looking around for another screw.

Gluing either your board or the screen is a bit of an extreme solution.

I didn’t want to wait a few weeks for a screw