[Solved] No more sound when I load data from EEPROM in HW

Has anyone been facing this error? When I took the PokittoCookie API into use there is no more audio in my game. I do not yet know why, but I suspect the global volume might be reseted. Thought, the startup screen still shows the volume level ok. The funny thing is that I just load the data from eeprom at the game startup, do not yet save anything to there, and still the audio do not work. When I try another binary, the audio works ok.

Is it just a PokittoCookie issue or does the same happen with regular EEPROM usage?

There’s an order in which you have to use it because the eeprom read is blocking.

I’ll take a look and get back on this

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Yes, the cookie loading:

    // Load cookie
    highscore.begin("PZERO", highscore); //initialize cookie

have to be before Pokitto::Core::Begin(). Otherwise the audio interrupt is not working, Now it works, thanks!