[Solved]No Loader Installed

Hello! Need a little help here.

I am on a Mac and just put together my Pokitto. With the Mac Loader I managed to put Pixonia in.

I downloaded the games loader and put everything into the SD card.

When I turn on my Pokitto and use the “C” button, I receive this message:



I have checked the SD card again and yes the LOA.DER file is in. Can anyone help me so that I can switch games with the SD card?


I realised that it is not reading my SD card at all!
Also, there is no sound at all :frowning:

When did you get Pixonia and where did you get it from?
Did you download a fresh copy straight from the Pixonia thread, or did you have it already on your computer from an earlier time?

I downloaded everything from here: [Start]3.Download Games & Game Loader

I’ll be here later today to help, have no fear.

I need to rush to post office now.

Yay thanks!

Ok I’m back. So, before shipping, every Pokitto runs a test 2x where sound is played from SD card. I am 99% sure that problem is not hardware.

In SD card problems, always suspect the card first and test another one if possible.

What kind of SD card are you using, and what size it is? Does it show up as “FAT-32” type on PC.

Hey there! Thanks for responding.

It’s a Strontium 8GB Micro SDHC that i bought specially to use with Pokitto.

I reformatted it to EXFAT.

I will format a card with my mac and see if that is the source of the problem

I actually formatted it using my brother’s PC before putting files in using my Mac :sweat_smile:

Ok. So its EXFAT on MAC, and loa.der is on the card. And still same message when pressing c?

OK I checked: EXFAT is not the same as FAT32. The SD card must be formatted to FAT32.

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Thanks Jonne! I will give that a try and let you know if it works :slight_smile:


@jonne It works like a charm now, thank you!!! :sunglasses: