[Solved] Loader not connected

So after charging Lil pokitto today when I start up I get the loader not connected message when I press c, and I’m not sure how to remedy it.
I use a Mac if that helps.

Ok, this worked using Asterocks


Just take Mac Pokitto Loader app v0.1 (because it is much smaller) by @adekto from this link, put the icon on your desktop.

Now you can easily program Pokitto simply by

  1. power off
  2. connect usb cable to mac
  3. hold down lower rubber button at the back (= go into “white screen” programming mode
  4. while holding, power on Pokitto. You can let go now. You should have a white screen on Pokitto
  5. download any Pokitto binary from games page, drag on top of the “Pokitto Loader App” and it will take care of the rest
  6. press top rubber button at the back (reset) or power cycle pokitto (on-off-on) and your pokitto is reprogrammed

That is @jonne 's instructions from the loader topic.

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