[Solved] How to add games to launcher?


I’m sure this is a dumb question, but how do you add games to the Pokitto game launcher?? I am able to add my own games (*.bin) by deleting flash.bin, and replacing it with my file, but I would like to simply add additional games to the list; not completely replace it.

If I try to add my bin file to the SD card, without deleting the existing bin file, I get an error saying the card is full (which is weird since the card is 2GB and the bin is like 256kb).


Are you sure you’re trying to add the files to the SD card and not the Pokitto itself by mistake?

To access the Micro SD card it needs to be removed from the Pokitto and plugged into your computer like a normal SD card (most likely plugged into a Micro SD to SD adapter first), you can’t upload files to the SD through the Pokitto.

Oh… that’s probably it. :sweat_smile: I was doing the “hold usb button, tap reset, then release usb button” to have the Pokitto appear as a drive on my computer. I will try accessing the SD card directly.

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That’ll definitely be the problem.

Also when you look at the SD card, make sure it’s in FAT32 format.

After which just follow the steps from here or here.
(The first one is slightly newer, we need to update the latter one.)