[Solved] Failed compilation in mbed, noted Cannot open source input file "My_settings.h"

Error: Cannot open source input file “My_settings.h”: No such file or directory in “PokittoLib/Pokitto_settings.h”, Line: 41, Col: 26
Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors…

Please tell me how can i do. Thank you!!!

even though i imported this example. (https://os.mbed.com/teams/Pokitto-Community-Team/code/HelloWorld/file/c51ef06c4585/main.cpp/)
But it always failed in compliation.

That second issue is a known problem that @jonne will be addressing when he has recovered from his jet lag.

There’s another thread about it here:

Oops! Sorry.

I will fix later today (out skiing right now)


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Fixed now.


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Now fixed also in Pokitto Github repo

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Thanks a lot!!!
it passed compling successfully.