[Solved?]Error when trying to compile anything for PokittoSim (in Linux)


@Turtle , you may also have to install SDL2 or other packages depending on your distro


The odd thing is, when I go into build options and linker settings, it doesn’t show anything in it. I have also already installed sdl and sdl2 from my distros package manager.


You are looking at the target level

Look on the right, there is a long list. On the top is the project , i.e. “Pokitto_sim_linux”, below that come the targets , “HelloWorld”, “introduction”, “MicroPython”

Click on the top row on Pokitto_sim_linux

EDIT: look on the left … i must be getting tired! :wink:


@Turtle , did you get it working?


I wasn’t able to get it working, so I just made an Ubuntu vm and the simulator worked perfectly for it.