[Solved]Can't get back to loader

Hello i m from germany and i just got my pokitto and it is great!!!
but i assembled it and it work
i put a sd card with games in it and it work
but then after i load the columns and coffins game
i cant get to back to the loader when i press c after start the screen just is black and nothing happens
i connected to usb as in the tutorial …i get a drive but i cant overwrite or delete the firmware file (no space left sad the linux)
i m lost columns and coffins is great but i cant remove it what can i do ???

sorry for my bad english

Check here for some help about copying and moving /delete

there is information about using it with linux

If possible see if it works on a windows machine

What happens if you take out the sd card and hook the pokitto to your pc in programming mode?

hmm that work not so good i guess i made it worse i made a pokitto.command file and it worked but after that the screen is always white
i’m getting no sign of life any more
i have no sd card inside
i want to make it in linux because thats all i have and i don’t want use another system every time this bug happend

Not sure what you did, but make sure the firmware.bin is deleted and there are no other files on the device itself.

then place this : [Testing]LOADER & test program for Pokitto

(you dont need to place the feelgood.snd for it to work but you can if you want)

That should work, if not… please tell


ha ha finaly life thanks for the help it was the transfare linux is wherry “genau” (dont know an englisch term) with data
i added the dd comand as in another post was said and it worked
for ubuntu 14
the file is pokitto.command

echo "drag .bin file and press enter"
read BIN
dd bs=1024 conv=nocreat,notrunc if=$BIN of=/media/user/CRP\ DISABLD/firmware.$
umount /media/user/CRP\ DISABLD

i’m very happy thank you


If by ‘genau’, you mean ‘streng’ then the English word is ‘strict’.
If you mean ‘exakt’ then the English word is ‘exact’.

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber Google Translate hilfreich ist.

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Mein deutsch ist besser, und das letzte is nicht gut :smile:

My german is better and the last bit is not good, it should be : aber Google Translate ist Hilfriech. (yes there should be a capital letter in there)

How many users do we have now ? Are we at 256 already ?

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I can never remember the rules for ‘aber’.
There’s always something in the back of my head about needing to switch the order of some of the words but I can never remember how it works.

I can blame Google translate for the lack of the capital on hilfreich (which ironically makes the statement incorrect semantically as well as grammatically :P).

We’re currently up to 210 users.
@rmueglitz is the most recent new user, directly predated by @filmote and @Zockeromi.
We’ve had 11 new users in the last 31 days, so at this rate we’ll hit 256 within 2-3 months hopefully.
No idea how we’d celebrate though.
Maybe I should draw something? *horrified scream from someone in the audience* :P

I’ll leave that as that though, or we’ll derail this thread :P


Regarding the German language: It is complicated. Even germans often don’t understand it😉 I am impressed if someone wants to learn my mothertongue. I only learned english (and three dead languages).
Party for, say, 300 members? Ui, i like the idea of colourful pics all around the community🎈

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There are (in my experience) about 2-3x more “lurkers”, i.e. people who read but do not register. In the last 31 days, 46 orders were completed through the webshop. In addition, I delivered a bunch of units directly. If 11 new users appeared here, I bet there were 3x more people who came by and downloaded stuff.

Lurking is completely ok. Just pointing out the obvious, that # of registered users != users. Close to 700 Pokittos (actually, probably a little over that) shipped now.

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Some „lurkers“ might be from my german tamagotchi group, because they follow me around on community boards and my youtube channel, because they are (like me) always interested in cool technical gadgets. We often find out about interesting news in our group and there are always small groups trying and buying stuff together then😉


The 256 thing is a programming joke.
One byte can hold 256 values (0 - 255),
so 256 users will be the point where we ‘overflow’ 1 byte and need 2 bytes to count the number of users.
That’s why pacman had the ‘level 0’ bug after level 255,
and why the original legend of zelda game had a limit of 255 rupees.

Lurking is fine, though I’d prefer if they registered and lurked (we do have a few of those). :P

700+ Pokittos is impressive.

As in walked to people’s houses and posted them through the letter box?

Inquiries from schools and similar institutions


Ah, yes i remember this now, thanks.


Btw columns and coffins is a really nice game (reminds me of my trusty schneider pc 1512sd), but you really can’t use the loader for sd card function afterwards. You have to change the firmware.bin in order to restore everything. Maybe someone could fix this someday or makes a finished version of the game?


I totally agree. Its too good to leave it like that.