Solitaire beta for testers

I’m getting closer to finishing my next game, so I’ll drop the beta here for people to test.

pokittaire.bin (80.3 KB)
pokittaire.bin (81.6 KB) 04/03/18

I’d like some feedback from anyone willing to test it out.
I’m not going to give any info about controls or anything, hopefully I did them good enough for everyone to pick up as they go.

I’m not sure that the end-of-game check works.
Currently there is only 1 game mode - draw 1 card, this is so that the game is nice and easy for testing. It will be draw-3 in the finished version.
No menus or anything like that yet.


Spinal -
I gave it a try and had a good time!!! It’s a fun game.
It is easy to see what’s going on and fairly easy to play (but tough to win!)
I like the title screen and the overall look.
I wasn’t able to crash the game or make it do anything “weird”.

Some nitpicks:

  1. When I advance the cursor from the first line to the second line, it jumps to the far left column of cards. If it jumped to the middle column, the player could move to the column they wanted with a minimal number of clicks.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be any “game over” or “game won” detection. Nothing happened when I finally won.
  3. I usually play by the rule that I can put any card in an empty column. The way you have it, where only a king can be played seems to be the official rule (except for single deck double solitaire, which allows any card). I think allowing any card to be put in an empty slot increases the number of strategic decisions the player must make, and increases the chances of winning. Maybe it could be an option?

Thats all I can think of. Looking good so far,



realy enjoyed this, and i was able to beat it
the end of game check works i think, it just boots you back to the title and pressing a will show the board for one frame and gows back to the title

would like to see some sort of auto compleet wen all cards are revealed so you dont have to manualy put them on the aces

would also like to see the classic solitair win animation from windows :stuck_out_tongue:

i do wonder why you went with low resolution mode for this game

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I’m going to [try to] add the following -

o Start/end animation (not a priority yet though).
o More natural feeling transition between the top row and the lower half of the screen.
o Possibly re-use the already 'ace’d cards (not sure what you call those.
o Difficulty settings, such as Any card in space, draw 1 or 3 cards, maybe even some sort of auto-play helper.

The low resolution was initially so I could do better graphics and to see how well mode 13 was working.


I think its really neat. I think this is the first Mode13 game ever. Thanks!

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Added another update, the next download has improved graphics and the start of some animations. As well as improved controls.

(see first post)