Small kickstarter campaign

Hi! with some friends we were thinking how to learn about kickstarter and we decided to run a simple project of a labelled breadboard:

I would appreciate any comment, suggestion or pledge :stuck_out_tongue:

We have another idea for a bigger (and way more complicated product) campaign but since all this crowfunding is mystical we decided to start with something simple and doable (I got a bit scared after asking @jonne lol!)


:scream: My intention was not to scare anybody!

I think its a neat little idea, and I’ll back it also. I have many wired experiments where I have totally forgotten how and why they are the way they are. I can totally relate to the problem you have set out to solve.


I know, I know, I do not say it as a critic, the thing is a lot of people have some solutions like crowfunding or china production in their heads like if it was a 1-step perfect answer. (i.e. “if we have a great idea, we just produce it in china for $1 USD a piece”)

But we ended considering your tips and experience an deciding to test how kickstarter works first… handling shipping, people, taxes (you know: skandinavia :sweat_smile:) in a project we didn’t care to fail badly.

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