Simple Back Button Mod


OK, so, no less than one person has enquired about the rear button mod that I performed on my Pokitto, so here are the details…


It seems that the back buttons on some Pokittos are not very responsive. It seems to have something to do with the size of the contacts on the rubber buttons. This mod will improve the response of these buttons.

Required items

  • 1x Pokitto
  • 2x Tactile buttons - the kind used in small electronics projects
  • Sticky tape - I chose black electrical tape
  • Smashing implements - I used small pliers
  • Scissors - For cutting the tape!

Step 1

Open up your Pokitto, remove the screws holding the board to the back of the case and take a look at the reset + flash buttons…

Step 2

Take on of your tactile switch buttons and smash it with your smashing tool!

See the small metal disk? That’s the part we want!

Step 3

Next place the disk over the top of the reset button contacts on your Pokitto. Notice how it fits perfectly? We’ll pretend Jonne designed it specifically for this mod…

Step 4

Remember those scissors? Good, use them to cut a small piece of tape and secure that disk to the back of your Pokitto.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other button…

Step 6

Rebuild your Pokitto exactly as it was and give the buttons a try, they give a satisfying click now and as a bonus they work a bit better too!


Thank you! I will definitely do this mod on mine.



Genial mod, I was already preparing soldering iron, but this is perfect for lazy people like me.