Sim Linux version maintainer?

I have a constant issue with updating the linux version. I am often on the move with just a small win 10 tablet. So testing & updating on linux is always difficult.

Is anyone of the resident linux-users interested in volunteering to keep the linux version of the sim up to date?

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No one interested ??

Not from me I’m afraid. I can’t stand linux and never learned to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might be interested. What means “keeping the linux sim up to date” concrete?
Which skills should I have? What will the “job” include?

Testing that the project compiles, possibly helping others to use the sim on Linux. Requires that you use linux and have some idea on how to compile stuff in Linux

I’m a Java business developer (know a few other language to :wink: ). So I know how to program, but I’m recently learning C++.
I have Win10/Linux/macOS at home. If needed I can run different Linux distro’s in a VM.

If this matches your needs, I’m willing to take the “job” :wink:

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Thanks Nick! I’ll be in touch with you about this.