Silence is nothing to worry about, there's a lot going on

Hello all dear Pokitto community members

I know I have been a bit quiet lately here. But that silence should not be taken as a sign something is wrong. Quite the opposite actually.

When I visited Daniel a month ago, we had a talk about the future of Pokitto and ideas for further development. Furthermore, several organisations have approached us with ideas for collaboration and were working on them. This is schools, labs, electronics companies etc.

Lately I’ve also been trying out some of those ideas, building and coding. This is the main reason why I have not been as active in PokittoLib development and other stuff (such as the CastleBoy port, fyi @TokyoBatman). I am happy to say that tests of new ideas are looking very positive indeed.

We will announce new fun stuff in the near future.

In the past year, we have just begun to establish Pokitto as a programming platform. I know that Pokitto is capable of some pretty awesome things and that we’re not even close to reaching its full potential yet.

A special thank you to the active members who are keeping things running here, answering questions etc. Believe me, it will be worth it, because contrary to popular belief, I am not on a vacation. I’m working hard and the fruits of our labour will be shared with the community as soon as they are ready to run.


Glad to hear that.[quote=“jonne, post:1, topic:1061”]
answering questions

I’d been waiting for the influx of questions for months.
@zer0 asking all those questions recently has finally given me chance to flood the forums with C++ knowledge.
And @carbonacat has chipped in too (when I let him :P).


Great to hear!

If you want to make Pokitto known in German-speaking countries, I am always ready to help. :smiley:


That’s great news. Only the best to you and this Pokitto endeavor!

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Cannot wait for more news :slight_smile: