Should my speakers be hissing?

When I turn the Pokitto on, either on flash mode or normal, the speakers hiss. I’m not sure how to actually test the sound (I don’t have an SD card yet).

I tried this program and no sound comes out, just hissing still.

Tried taking it apart to see if anything was hindering it and even with the speaker loose, it still hisses :frowning:

Did you check the battery ? If it is damaged it may be leaking. Lithium can burn if it contacts the air.

I dont think so. Lets not raise false alarms. Lipo reaction with air is violent, its not a small hiss.

I will provide a bin binary and sound file for you to try @LukeSmith. I think your Pokitto is fine. Every single one has been tested to work before shipping

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Sorry didnt mean to raise false alarms, but it cant hurt to check. :slight_smile:

Thanks, the hiss is definitely from the speaker not battery. It goes away if I plug in headphones (but still can’t get sound to work)

A soundtest would be nice, mine sound seems to be really soft. And with the Armageddon game the screen turns black when there is a noise ? Not sure what is happening there.

It’s a static sound, if you remember older TV’s with the static. White noise. At a low volume it sounds a bit like a hiss.

Is this still a problem?