Shop updated!


Those fellows look so funny :slight_smile: The I2C connector is a nice bonus!

I am already imagining a twin-stick shooter, like Robotron. That would be a good use for the rumble too!

How about PokiTron, where Pokitto is furiously fighting against the Chinese copy products :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m amazed that there isn’t a game about sorting stuff in the wish warehouse, you get an item and no matter what it is you throw it in the pile lol.


Got it!

Thanks @jonne !

First impressions: Fits quite tightly to the Pokitto. I did not remember that the stick is analog, which is good. The color is good, but not the best for my Pokitto. Is there a file for 3D printer available, if I would like to print my own shell?