Shop updated!


Looks very nice!


Remember that it needs supports to get printed correctly


Merchandise coming soon!


Any interest in shirts or other products?


The mugs look great! I’d prefer the second shirt over the first though.


The second mug looks very nice!


I like the shirt bearded man is wearing how about enamel pins or patches?


I second that patches would be awesome!


Out of curiosity, have any of the new orders shipped yet? Not that I’m impatient or anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, sorry not yet.

I ordered more rumble motors from UK immediately when you guys ordered (I only had 1) as they are easily the most expensive component.

The shop promised immediate shipment but they’re not here yet. I should think they would arrive soon. Afterall, its not such a long way from GB to here.


No worries, I understand that supplies might be low, I think it does mention it on the shop page, just curious that’s all :slight_smile:


It’s only the rumble motor that I don’t have yet.

It’s a straight-to-PCB type motor that I have only found from one UK seller and on Digikey. On Digikey they cost an arm and a leg.


@Hanski, @spinal , rumble motors arrived today. I will get to ship tomorrow.


Cool, I can’t wait!


@spinal @Hanski , sorry there was one more delay.

I had to move the Prusa printer and ended up completely throwing it out of kilter.

I had to recalibrate the thing from scratch. Managed to get it back to working order, and it’s printing your parts right now.


lol, no worries. I think everyone here knows you don’t have a 200 person production line in a factory somewhere. Being as up-front about everything as you are gives you far more points than lightning fast service any day of the week.


I second this. I for one rate honesty very highly.


After the issue over at a certain pink colored computer company I highly value upfront honesty.


Your kind words are appreciated.

I have no money and I have no time, so honesty is the only thing I can give at the moment.

Ok Stylistics, take it away!


@Hanski and @spinal , your hats are ready. I will still add the LCD support designed by @eried as requested by @spinal and they’ll be on their way

Furthermore, you will find there is a connector at the back

That connector is I2C and allows connecting 2 pokittos via i2c bus. You can even power (!) a Pokitto from another Pokitto

I found a neat, cheap 4-wire, 1 meter cable that I will make available for this purpose.


Powering a pokitto from another pokitto is some super cyber punk level stuff :open_mouth: so cool!