Shop updated!

Yep. We have new stuff.

More coming.


Glad to see that spare lcds can be bought now!


Also is it intentional that the hats have options to include game disks?

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Yes, finally! :slight_smile:

Hmm…total 38 euros for (soldered, with rumble, no mail tracking) the Joystick and rumble hat is a bit on the high side, and may be too much for some.

Are there any color options for the hat?
I would also like to have an option to print the cover by myself.

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Thanks @Hanski for the feedback. I calculated the BOM yesterday and it should be correct.

Yes, the case can be left out, I’ll put the 3d models up. I’ll makenan option for that (although I had it at 1 € in the bom, so don’t expect too much)

The rumble is an expensive part, I have not been able to find a cheap alternative

Let me check how you get from 21 to 38.

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If the case would cost only few euros, it might not be a worthwhile to have a separate option for it. Having a 3D model would be good if someone likes to use another color for the case (or want to mod it somehow).

21.50 + 5(assembled) +4(shipping) + 7.32 (tax)

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Just ordered a hat and screen, hope I was quick enough to get a hat :slight_smile: but I don’t mind waiting.

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Ordered it too :slight_smile:

Few more comments:

  • “Additional information” does not look right
  • The “Fully assembled” checkbox do not affect to the total price on the page, it is counted in only in the basket.
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@Hanski & @Spinal thanks guys! And thank you for the feedback

@Hanski: I have several PLA colours, for example translucent green. Would you like that colour instead?

Oh, I never thought to request a colour! Not that it matters, I don’t mind :smiley:

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At the moment I have silver, translucent green and purple for the Prusa. Just say if you want a specific colour.

EDIT: I still have things to fix in the shop, I know that. I just finally wanted to get the hats in the shop and moving forwards.

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Also, @spinal, if you want, I can put in one of @eried 's improved lcd holders

No extra cost, ofcourse. I’m interested in you trying it out

… was that center peg also available as a 3D model somewhere?

@Hanski , remind me, what merchandise were you most interested in? Was it a coffee cup?

(Edit: I’ll see if I can do something about it on a short notice, I have friends with a printing company close by)

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Yes, that is it.


Translucent green is fine.

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That coffee cup idea sounds good, what’s the pricing on those?
I’ll gladly test out the frame holder thing. :sunglasses:
So much that I put a plea out on another forum I visit asking for someone to print me a couple of each :stuck_out_tongue: (I don’t have the money or space for a 3D printer :frowning: )

[edit] Any chance of getting a few of the lego pegs? maybe 8?


They’re lego part number 2780, lots of places that sell lego bricks sell them.
(Here they are on bricklink. Bricklink sponsor a Youtube channel I stumbled onto the other day.)

If you can find a decent source for them the pegs are much cheaper than the shipping so if you’re after just the pegs then it makes more sense to source them locally than to sell them on the Pokitto website.

Although it’s relatively easy to source them in high quantities,
so in that respect it makes more sense to bundle them with other things on the Pokitto shop.
E.g. 1 mug and 4 spare pegs.

It might even be possible to 3D print them.

On the topic of coffee mugs, you know what would be nice, a Pokitto mug with a black screen that changes to a screenshot of a game when a hot drink is added!


That center pivot looks good

@Hanski , something like this?