Share your 'fleet'

Real bummer what happened to next thing co.


Yeah, chip 2 would have been great, I hope the popcorn computer come along


Forgot the arduboy…


Those game parks are sweet, what is the deal with the vmu, that’s a really high screen res

My three open consoles so far – I think the photo came out nice:

I also have a GBC and GBA somewhere, but haven’t seen them for years.


This is a fantastic photo! Really gives a size comparison to these 3.

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Awesome fleet! What’s the little dude on the breadboard to the right?

The vmu is a raspberry pi with a 240x240 screen. The little breadboard is an Arduino pro micro with a 128x64 sh1106 screen.


I’m tempted to look into buying a GPD now.

I think my friend has one.

I still have my SP, it still works great, and my original GB is still kicking with Tetris in it, my boy plays it sometimes says Tetris is perfect on it.

Btw that wood gamebuino is super sweet.
And what is running in the arduboy?

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How did you make that shiny device?
I wish I still had my extra vmu’s now especially the blue one I cannot kill my green one it has my first PSO character on it

The VMU? - carefully! Inside it has a raspberry pi zero, battery, charger, rewired USB port, 240x240 screen and piezo speaker. Software-wise its running retropie, with the screen settings adjusted to give 1:1 pixel ratio on larger screen emulators such as snes/nes/genesis/master system etc. and scaled up the lower resolution systems like the gameboy.
I looks great, but as its pi based, the boot time is for me unacceptable for use as a games system and as you’d expect the battery doesn’t last long either.


Just some demo I made, it’s not a full game. I took the photo of them running my own programs so that I could share the photo as CC0. It’s a photo I’ve taken for Wikimedia Commons. (As I’ve found it is possible to share photos of gaming consoles as CC0.)

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