Share your 'fleet'


Like similar threads sharing gaming consoles, I’d like to start a thread sharing pictures of people’s fleet of DIY devices.

Here is my fleet of Raspberry Pi’s, A tinker board, some arduino. And bbc microbits and my cherished Pokitto ;D


Id call mine a fleet of shame! As I don’t do nearly enough with them :cry::-1:
Mine includes:
2* Raspi Zero’s
Raspi - Launch model…
Raspi v1.2
Raspi 2
Raspi 3
Raspi 3B+
Arduboy - broken :cry:
Pokitto :+1::sunglasses:
Sorry that I don’t have a picture atm…


Broken how?
It could probably be fixed if it’s just something like the battery.


Ok…I’m no hardware guy (unfortunately) but one of the buttons stopped working :cry:


What is your overall experience with the odroid-go? It seems to target the emulator croud. But if I were to get one it would be for projects not just gaming.


Yes, exactly that. When I got it I had some problems until I flashed the latest firmware and it’s been good since then.

However, I bought it for my youngest to do some old school gaming on and he hasn’t really touched it much since his birthday :cry: this is mostly due to Pokémon not saving…

I’ve looked at the forums, and there are some programming tips in there but as you say…
Mainly targeted as an all encompassing emulator.


Wait till I get to post here. I don’t have many consoles, but I have … maybe 50 … or more … different dev kits


Dev kits count! This thread is meant as an off shoot to the console sharing thread, focusing on dev devices or diy console type things :slight_smile:


I might have to pass on that one then. My interest is in creating, not so much playing retro games. Since I’ve got a pi I can do that already :thinking:.

Pokitto still owns my heart in that space then xD


I also have an odroid go and with the super-go-play fw emulators it runs quite well, but still suffers from screen tearing (pokemon does save though - with save states)


I need to assemble them for a pic but,
1 pocket chip v1
1 pocket chip v.74
1 alpha chip in custom wood case with hdmi
2 alphas that didn’t live too long
1 v1 chip
A tiny arduino
And of course dr theopolis the pokitto.


Why have I never thought to give my Pokitto a name? That is brilliant!


I name almost everything
The alpha chip is Adama
Pocket chip v1 is Lenore
V.74 is meesor Gus
My cars are all members of the Ledbetter family


That’s awesome :smiley: I don’t really name anything haha…


From what little I know of Greek (mainly through studying etymology),
that means ‘god city’ or ‘city of god’.

Theo means ‘god’, and is the root of words like atheism and theology,
and polis means ‘city’ or ‘town’, as in necropolis ‘city of the dead’.

Margo & Jerry Leadbetter? :P

I don’t even nickname my Pokemon. :P


For clarity purpose? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mainly because I’d end up wasting lots of time being unable to decide on a nickname.


I was just kidding, just said that because of your coding habits, so I thought that would be the same for naming Pokemon, why naming them something else when it’s clearer to know what each are by their original names lol


Named it after this guy

As in Jerry Clowers stand up stuff
My Kia Soul is Aunt Pet
My old ford f100 was Clovis Ledbetter
My last car was marcel


The whole fleet, no pi’s yet, the two alphas don’t work, unfotrunantly, the Pocket with the keyboard overlay is the V1, and has the SD card adaptor made by Kojila Wilder

the Alpha in the case is my pet, I made the case from Basswood it works great, I had to put a heatsink on it, that fits between the processor and the HDMI adaptor, and I had to make some for room above the chip and had a sliver of wild peel off the case but it works, it is stained with some lite sample stain from home depot and sealed with clear nail polish lightly thinned