See the code from other programms

Hey Guys

Is it somehow possible to see the code of a program? Just learn of it, i dont want to steal other codes or something.

Some people provide the code of their game alongside the .bin file when they upload it.
Others don’t. It’s a matter of choice.

Basically just look at the different pages for different games and they’ll usually say if they’ve made source available.
I try to encourage people to provide their source for precisely this reason, it helps demonstrate the Pokitto API in action and helps others learn.

I’d like to volunteer what is currently my only published Pokitto game, Noughts And Crosses.
Unfortunately I think it might be a bit confusing for you because I use quite a lot of advanced techniques.

I had a quick skim through various games to look at their source code and I think the easiest one for you to start with is @RichardAmesNaval Battle which has its source here.
On top of being quite simple, it also has lots of helpful comments compared to many other games.

If you are using Mbed online compiler you can import a lot of programs from here :

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