SDK / API / Bundle Tools Set

Could we have more details about the tools set, the SDK and the API that will come with the pokitto out of the box ?


I was interested in this, as well.


I will put up Doxygen generated API pages very soon.


Thx thx thx :slight_smile:

It will be fun to start coding and waiting his pokitto

Looking forward to seeing the API docs.
What tools do you recommend for pixel art? I am a huge fan of PyxelEdit, but I’m open to options!


@pixelplatforms Thanks for a good tip. Have been discussing this with Daniel Kvarfordt (creator of PyxelEdit) for a few days now.

It’s a fantastic tool, and chances are, he could add in the option to export to binary code or .h files to include in projects and whatnot directly, so no middle man conversion tools would be necessary. It’s written in AIR (something I am actually an expert in, although it’s no longer really in use any more haha), if it were open source I could add in that ability for sure hahah

Aseprite is very good and under constant development of new features

and theres always Grafx2 but I suspect that interface might be a bit quirky for those not used to old amiga programs :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I purchased aesprite a while back but I think because I started with PyxelEdit I just grew so fond of it, it’s hard to switch to aesprite hahaha I know it’s quite good though, from what I’ve seen!

i feel you dude, i am stuck on photoshop of all things,
its overkill but i am so used to all the shortcuts

are there any opensource web editors we can use would be helpfull for the other online tools?

Oh man, Photoshop is my work go-to, by my fun go-to is definitely PyxelEdit hahha