SD Loader v4 is coming! Big binaries, Settings, Real Time Clock

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a :sweat_smile:


People can recompile the game’s source code to make things easier or overwrite EEPROM to fake a highscore.

Setting the RTC is the least of our worries as far as cheating goes. :P

I have no idea if this works on real hardware, but… 3.bin (96.0 KB)

Edit: Silly me, I forgot an emulator breakpoint in the code. >_<

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Not for me, just white screen.

Aw, back to the drawing board… do you get the initial logo, then a white screen?
Edit: And does this white screen have black borders?

Does this work? 4.bin (95.9 KB)

4.bin Worked perfectly. Perhaps 3.bin just didn’t flash properly? It was just a white screen as though the Pokitto wouldn’t boot up.


The Chao lives?! :smiley:
I ported that using only the emulator for testing, so I accidentally left in a bit of code that won’t work on real hardware.