SD Loader v4 is coming! Big binaries, Settings, Real Time Clock

The new loader v4 is coming along well

What’s new:

  1. no more loading bugs with big binaries, all games work!
  2. Real Time Clock is working! Pokitto alarm clock? Pokitto Tamagotchi? YES!
  3. Settings! Get rid of that nasty volume screen! Set default options!

look in the lower right corner of the Pokitto display - that is the real time clock running!


Yeasssss. I can’t wait for Pokitto virtual pets! Actually, tons of new possibilities open up once we get a RTC API.

The only thing the new game lib will show is the “Press C for Loader” screen then?


Real Time Clock? Thats cool!!!
I remember when I played Pokemon gold in my childhood …


If you set volume wait time to 0s it will skip the volume screen.

You can also reduce the loader wait to minimum 1s (there needs to be a way to get back to the settings)

:smile: its getting better and better


RTS functionality is my favourite of these.

Let the virtual pet revolution commence!

I still have my cartridge.
I got it second hand after playing Pokemon Ruby.
Johto and Hoenn are my favourite regions.

I can’t wait… Will sensitive be on the next SD collection?

Yes! We will make all the games work.


I only have a chinese version that don’t have RTS.
That times I cant afford a official version
and dont speak English or Japanese.

I remember I lied down sofa home and pressed the button again and again to change coin in gold city’s gambling house until tomorrow morning when my parents not home.
All day I seem to hear “ding! ding! ding!” :joy:


How is rtc achieved?

Did not know that was in there. Will the on/off switch not be a problem?

RTC have separated voltage input. Probably battery is always connected to VBAT pin whether Pokitto is on or off

Yes exactly. It also has its own crystal and extra low power voltage regulator.

You can try the rtc right away. Turns out the whole support is already built in mbed for LPC11U68 and is Linux ctime compliant!

Literally use “set_time(time_t value)” and the rtc begins ticking!!!


It’s awesome. I will try when I get my Pokitto :sweat_smile:
Little note about my Pokitto: I see it in my dreams last 2-3 days :cry:


Is it C++ chrono compliant as well?

Or at least ctime compliant?
(I’m assuming “Linux ctime” means this.)

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Is there a page listing the available API we can use?


Go knock yourself out:

PokittoLib is fully compatible with the mbedOS2 implementation.

You do not have to wait for a special API for Pokitto. Its all there on mbed


Great thank you. I image set_time will not be a part of Pokitto’s user library? So the time will be configurable from within the loader but games can only access return functions? This way people cannot “cheat” by fast forwarding the clock?

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set_time and all time functions are part of the mbed core. They are accessible from anywhere.

Ah ok… now I get you. Hmm. Well, in open source games you kind of can cheat if you want.

You could release your game only as a binary and check the time to see no-one is cheating! Grr, damn cheaters!

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