SD card protection

Are users free to delete the whole SD card from their sketch? Imagine the trolling or even accidentally wiping the whole SD card.

Would be great if the SD card api makes sure that every app runs in its own folder. That way everything is both organised and seperated at the same time.


To save space the Pokitto SD routines are based on my custom hack of Petit Fat FS. Normally PetitFS is read-only to use as little memory as possible. My version can read and write but only existing files (creating new directories and files is not possible). Therefore by default other files are safe.

Naturally, you can easily use other SD libraries if you want to be able to do more stuff on the SD. There are many SD libraries for the mbed platform.

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File renaming possible?

So basically it is never really possible to counter maliciously behavior. (if this ever will be a real problem though)

you can write a custom sd reformatter and there are some Arduino sketches around, so yea someone can totally wipe your sd card, its just a question of where you got there gamefile from, would realy have to curate a game library if you want to prevent maliciously software

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This is an opensource environment, and as such has a bit of an “experimental” nature. The experience is not going to be like a commercial closed console, it is going to be more like “homebrew” scene.

Even if something “bad” happens, its not going to be very “bad”. All parts are super cheap & modular, just replace whatever got broken.

There is no “ring of death” or Windows bluescreen: if Pokitto is somehow stuck, just reset with the USB bootloader in the ROM, paste working copy onto chip, put files on SD and carry on. Nothing to it!