SD card loader source/tweaks?

Is the source to the SD card loader available? For that matter, is there any room left over for tweaking it?

I think it really needs a “PRESS A TO SKIP” option to go with “PRESS C FOR LOADER” screen. Yeah, it’s only 3 seconds, but seeing it every time I power on or change games makes it old pretty quick!

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Press a and it will skip
I just double tap cuz after that you get volume thing

Could make that one screen maybe and get rid of the counter?

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Thanks! I could have sworn I tried that and it didn’t work.

I also like the idea of combining the two screen, and changing the message to “Press C for loader, A to continue”. But dong that still requires answers to where the source is, and what the memory constraints are (though this might take less memory).

Well in terms of optiming there is allot of a fair bit of data used for the extra images like the sound screen, the little pokito icon and the filesystem window
Most of these could see optimisation or get cut if memory is critical
Though so far have not seen any game having trouble