SD card capabilities

Haven’t thought about that. I see no immediate reason to have 1 fixed palette. The icon is drawn using directBitmap so basically we could have 244000 colors if we wanted

Wow! It looks awesome! If you could squeeze some other space… maybe the author? Or a score system (1-5 star, like/dont’)

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I do not know what is planned in “Settings” but may¨be the list sorting order could be selectable (by name, by date, by recently accessed, ascending/descending )

Looks great. Love the layout, I feel like there’s some wasted space to the left of the filenames though. I know it’s just a mock-up but having author would be nice too.

@trelemar @HomineLudens Yep. You guys are right. Having the author would be nice. New mockup coming later today.

I am far from being a UI designer but maybe the right side of the screen is a bit full? Also the scrollbar could be related only to the list items, as screenshot is not scrolling. How would the scrollbar look between the list and the screenshot?

The clock in the bottom right it’s really useful.
Maybe I’m wrong and off topic, but LPC11U68 (the MCU of Pokitto) should have an internal temperature sensor.
Temperature read will be very raw, but it will be very fun to report also the °C .
What you think?

could people try making 32x32 icons to see if it works on a conceptual level?

That good enough?

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How about like this ?

Each author gets 32x32 pixel icon, 3 lines of text with optional color per line. If you have multiple authors, you can use more text. If you want to use lines 2&3 for a shoutout, thats ok too.

Edit: still doesn’t look right to me

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Looks good :slight_smile:
Here are a couple of old windows icons if you need them…

– I don’t suppose you tested my game at all?

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Not yet, I am really sorry about that.

Edit: this “loader” stuff may seem superficial at this point, but I am finalizing the way the loader works.

I need some sort of “cue” for the user what game was running previously. If there is a 32x32 icon that fits into the EEPROM, I can communicate what game is resident in the memory before it runs

No worries, Just curious about the running speed that’s all.

Hi Jonne,

The ideas are looking better and better. The latest design only puts three items on the screen at a time. Maybe you could keep the earlier design as well and have these be two modes? I can imagine having all manner of programs and experiments in the file system, so being able to see more at once could be helpful.

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Having multiple modes is not nice, because it all used up your valuable coding space. Each mode takes up a few kB’s of memory

That’s one of the reasons I haven’t run it yet. I know what you are doing in code (its similar to the plasma demo you did earlier), and I’m sure it needs optimization in hardware.

How about like this?

I kind of :heart:the “VHS-tape” proportions of the info box on the right side, and I am ready to go with this plan.

This means 32x32 pixel icon at 16 freely selectable colors + 6 lines of text @ 9 characters per line, and freely selectable color for each line of text. Then you can make it as fancy as you like.


This is looking pretty good! What about having the icon above the text though? I guess either way it looks good.

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I’ll try it now…

Yep. Much better.

I don’t dwell on these things. Unless someone really has a different super-duper idea, this is the format that the loader will use. Now back to coding.

Edit: if the author does not provide icon, we will use @VonBednar 's standard SD card icons


That is the best version yet :slight_smile: When there is no custom icon I would like to see some useful (or funny!) info on the right view, not just the zoomed default icon: the MCU temperature, the Pokitto uptime in microseconds, the battery state, the total files count, the recent files list, a random quote of the day? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: etc.
Maybe also the clock could be moved there, as you do not need to check it all the time. You also get more items to the program list if the title “All games” is moved a bit up.