Screen / Resolution --> Increase Max Resolution/Color support?

Just a little topic about the screen resolution.

Can we have the full spec of the screen ?
hard resolution ?
Color supported ?
Screen refresh max ?

I’m a bit curious about the graphic mode actually setup in the api/simulator.
And more more interesting about the firmware code for the pokitto with all the graphic mode :slight_smile:

Actually the resolution is really really low if you have more than 16 colors (and low with 16 colors)
That could limit us a lot for making fun things with the Pokitto.
(Pokitto screen seem great but resolution and color support are less than a msx/nes or pcengine (and more new Pico-8 (virtual but people will think of it when they will see the pokitto -> hardware possible port for pico-8 game))

I was thinking about new mode or using screen_buffer (off screen draw with maybe 2/3/4/5/6 Palettes and draw one time with mode resolution and color but at 24fps for exemple).

Can you tell use more about that ??? :wink:

I think it would be nice to have 256 colours in lower resolution. Similar to old msdos limitations.


We could have 256 or 16/32 color but with multi palette.

For exemple a mode with 4/5 layers.
All the layers will have a specific palette.
Soo you could have better color rendering with keeping palette restriction.

We just need to keep the résolution as high as possible

memory wise your best option is 256 pallet buffer, you can use some conversions so the sprites are still 4bpp and the pallets are stacked in the 256 pallet
add in layers wont realy be a good solution since you 4/5x the buffers wich already take a big chunk in memory

  • full of high res in 256 is about 38kb so its imposible as buffer, (directly drawing to screen should be posible though but it has overlap problems)

  • pico-8 (128x128) screen buffer with 16 bits pallet takes 8kb of memory so thats posible

  • 110×88 (double pixel / fast mode) in 256 is 9.46 kb so also posible

i would recommend the last one since since your using maximum screen realestate and with some fiddling in the api you could stack sixteen pokito-pallets in that an still use the 4bpp images

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