Save BMP

Here is a little something that some people might find useful. It saves a screenshot as a .bmp file (/bitmap.bmp) from TAS mode.
Taking advantage for the way TAS renders the screen line-by-line, I have output this data directly as a reasonably compiant (tested in Parintshop Pro 7, GIMP, mspaint, ms photos and photo gallery) 16bit .bmp very quickely with no palette conversion needed, so the output is exactly as shown on the Pokitto screen.

To use the following example, just hit the Flash button on the back of the Pokitto and “/bitmap.bmp” will be saved.

Here is an example of an output file from this code.

Here is a Joe 2 screenshot also…

[Edit] I just realized, this will need an update as it expects the screen to be using the 16bit hack. It just dumps the palette instead of reading line buffer.



Updated the code to use the standard linefiller array (line[x]) instead of the 16bit hack.


that’s quite interesting

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