S-Video TV-OUT Mode

Looking at the code I’ve found

#define MODE_TVOUT                  10

Do you plan to support this mode?
With few external components (2 resistors) it could be possible to connect Pokitto to a TV.
Here a project that can run composite mode on ATMEGA168 https://github.com/Avamander/arduino-tvout

I think that this is one of those things that the community itself should look into and not the Pokitto team. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is a great idea and with the faster processor, it should be possible to do colour ntsc or vga. But again, one of the main points of Pokitto is for the users to learn and come up with this sort of thing on their own. By all means, once you have a Pokitto in your hands give it a try.

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TV-out is not easy because you need to dedicate PWM timers to do it. This is also the case with Arduino TV-OUT.

I think the order of business is to get this thing (the hardware) out to you guys as soon as possible. There are so many things you can do already, I have no doubt the community will create amazing stuff.

Truth be told I am as anxious as everyone else to finally get my hands on the final bits and pieces. Summer is a bummer: it really does slow things down quite a bit.

For sure this is something interesting to investigate and integrate in actual Pokitto Library. Finding it already mentioned in the code made me think that something was already be made, so it was mainly to avoid duplication.

Have the hardware shipped as soon as possible is clear a priority, then come the software library and documentation.

Anyway tutorials are what I miss more, with some well commented example. The instructive side of this project is one of the most interesting aspect IMO. Having the simulator working allow me to experiment quite all without real hardware.

Summer is dangerous for provisioning, if you miss something before August… you have to wait till September.

Ah. I understand. The reason why it is there is not for hardware TV-Out output, but its a placeholder for the display mode needed to run Arduino TV-Out games (Hackvision etc.)

As for hardware TV-out, that’s a definite maybe. Some study has been made into it already, but its at the backburner at the moment.

Edit: and the 2-resistor B&W TV-out would also be doable by repurposing some PWM’s