Running out of Pokittos again

As incredible as it is, another lot of 50 Pokittos is almost out again.

The next batch will take ~2 weeks to come.

That puts us at close to 800 Pokitto users.


A bit of constructive feedback:

Someone I know was planning to buy a Pokitto recently but couldn’t (because the stocks were so low).

They said that the out-of-stock notice wasn’t immediately obvious to them and they’d filled in the credit card details before realising the Pokitto was out of stock.

They said maybe it would be better to make the system refuse to accept credit card details if the chosen Pokitto is out of stock.

From my point of view, I’m thinking refusing to take credit card details for out of stock items would be a good stop-gap,
but what I think would be ideal is if the site had an option to reserve a Pokitto of a certain colour combination
(at which point adding credit card details for an out-of-stock Pokitto would make sense).

That way when you come to create the next batch, you can fill the ‘reserved’ orders first and it would give you a better idea of how many of each colour to make.

That’s not possible. Out of Stock is shown before you press the payment buttons.

Could you please ask the person to contact me directly?

Incidentally, an emergency small batch arrived today, I get to restock a little bit.

They said at the time that they had scrolled to the bottom of the page and the message was at the top so they didn’t notice until afterwards.

I’ll ask if they want to discuss it further, but they’re also quite busy at the moment (they work as an educator and there are important exams soon) so they might not.