RTC loosing time?

Am I the only one who has noticed the clock loosing time? As far as I know I have not messed with anything other than setting the clock initially about 1 week ago, but since then it has lost 10 minutes.

Anyone else noticed this?

Well it’s not being synced regularly I think (Which is done by connected devices, electrical appliances using instead the quite regular frequency of the electrical grid as a clock) and there might be tolerances issues in components I’d say?

I believe that if pokitto has a crystal it should not desync, not sure how the rtc is implemented.

I shouldn’t think so. The RTC implementation was AFAIK done with manufacturer specced components.

@spinal: I will check this with Daniel. Thanks for the heads up

Also: I need to verify this bug before I say it exists

Edit: if li-po is completely depleted, RTC will lose time. There is no backup coincell battery

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I do leave my pokitto sitting in usb mode quite often, could that effect the rtc in any way?

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Yes. It will affect. I dont think the RTC is running while the device is in flash mode.

I will check that. But it sounds like a plausible explanation

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