Roguelike port?


Can you make them a brown or purple color when dead?

I really like he old super retro look of this, reminds me of the ancient trash 80 I got to use occasionally as a kid.


Yeah, I am still torn between the single color and 2bit, 4 color sprites. Maybe we should take a poll? I really like the 1 bit look, for me, it reminds me of zx spectrum :wink: (As I never had a TRS-80)

As for corpses. I have some bone pile sprites that could be used as corpses, or I can make make a corpse sprite per race (skeleton, goblin, zombie, etc.)

I think just having the same sprite, but in floor color might make it look a little confusing once you have a lot of enemies on the screen.


Definitely bonepiles. Only way to go, save the other colors for different versions of the same monster.


@BigBadHodad - You can see some of the bone piles below (next to the ghost and on the bottom).

Anyway, I want to ask all the people in the community which style do you prefer?

Single Color Tiles

2bit (up to 4 color) Tiles

  • Single Color
  • 2 Bit (up to 4) Color

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with the multi color addition, and the drops mechanics
kinda did not include it in the design since items cant/shouldn’t stack on one tile


I like them both for different reasons but I voted 2 bit.

The top is so cool, but just the tiny bit of extra color makes it look better.


Sorry for being quiet. New job and long commute makes it more dificult to work on stuff. In a week or two, once I am more used to the new schedule I am planning on reviving this project :slight_smile: In the meantime…

I am currently going through the roguelikedev summer code-a-thon to learn more about making roguelikes and learn python. It uses a popular libtcod library that is a c++ library, but has wrappers for other languages.

Libtcod includes FOV, maybe we can use it in our roguelike?

Also, the community has spoken, 2bit tiles it is :smiley:


sorry been busy with vr stuff. idk what our talking about @VonBednar
just learn c++, python isnt very helpfull if you already know lua

we may need to start back from scratch to do the direct graphics mode, have not looked if there any updates on the simulator


I just noticed the creature by the top left stairs the pink tail makes it look like a 'Possum, 'Possums are Awesome.


What do you not like about the skeletons?


They looked a bit amateur-ish. The 14x14 skelemans look much better (even when they are single color, but I am working on a 2bit tileset for my game, so here’s 2bit ones) :slight_smile:


Is this project dead? The coloured, more complete version i mean?


Thanks for the link :+1:
I’ll have a watch of those videos…:sunglasses: