Roguelike port?


yea the theory behind mine is ether using a weighted grey scale pallet thats added to the color pallet or a full luminance scaler thing


We will see.

Are 64 colors and 128 sprite not enough for the roguelike? Load different different palette before drawing the sprite seems the easy way to me. But mostly depend on hardware perfomance. Or maybe I’m missing something.


is posible but we end with duplicate colors in pallet since ech sprite needs to store the offset of the pallet


Couldn’t we store them once in an array and tell each sprite to look it up by [x][y]?


i tried to explain this several times
what is x and y exactly? 2 bytes, you have to do that for all 3 colors thats 6 bytes per sprite

ech color is a 565 thats 2 bytes

so basicly your storing 6 bytes per sprite to refrence 6 bytes in a pallet…

wile the way im trying to do is all in 1 byte per sprite


Got it. If you can pull it off, it would be great.

Programs like PyxelEdit and Aseprite can automatically generate tints and shades of a color, and they do pretty decent job at it. Maybe the code behind it can be useful in your approach? If we can find it somewhere…


this post is very long indeed, maybe I’ve miss something :grin:


ok so i have some GL experience and i know that wont work
the problem is the 565 rgb format
so pallets in pokitto we store is 565 that means 5 bits of Red 6 green and 5 blue
this is a compact way to store rgb in 2 bytes instead of 3 separate
in image programs they use seperate rgba bytes in sequencial order they import watever image format you had int this sometimes its even 10, 16 or even 32 for some versions of truetone (sorry its been a while so this might not be 100% acurate) but since the displays color depth is set to read 565 (its less bits so better framerate then sending full rgb)

im sorry but you got to start leurning c and how the hell microcontrolers work XD


yea dont worry, i would do TLDR on this aswell
though @HomineLudens you know exactly how the pallet/sprites work right?

theres some waisted bits in there if you dont use a multiple of 2 (like our sprites are 14x14)
so one of the aditions we want to implement is an optimized serial bit sprite
where the first 2 bytes are width and length of sprite byte index

i hope that makes sence im prety bad at explaining things

that format could actualy be used as a sprite sheet format, and could allow for vertical scrolling sprite animations (like water for example)


I’ve some idea. I’ve made a tool that convert image to c header, so I’ve face the sprite format conversion.

That’s sound interesting and is an approach I didn’t consider. I’ll follow the discussion to see the evolution. Good work.


Yes, @adekto is on the right track here. Basically it means selecting a different palette in the middle of a scanline. Very similar to tricks used on C64


oh boy, good thing i just bought a c64 XD
but really thats annoying as hell to keep track off


It has to be automatised, thats the way it should work. The coder doesnt need to know anything, just supply the tile and its palette


ok so its going too be annoying for the guy implanting it XD
why do i feel thats going to be me at some point?


Nope is not going to be annoying. It is going to be awesome because you will come up with new ideas every week how to make a new tweak to a graphics mode.


Hey all we placed 21 / 119

in #CGAJam

I think that is a very good result indeed! Congratulations everyone!

Columns&Coffins Roguelike for Pokitto
by Community Team
Ranked 21st with 13 ratings (Score: 3.442)


That is quite neat! I have not see us coming up that high!

@jonne, is there some breakdown of the score (by category or something) that you could share? It would be cool to see what people liked :slight_smile:

Edit: No worries, I found it on here!


Edit: I think it was a very good show indeed for a bunch of people who have no prior collaboration together or with the device


I think it was awesome! It was a great experience for me… and a lot of firsts. It was my first collaboration, first time making art for a game that is not just mine, first jam and first experience with c++. Also I always wanted to make my own roguelike, and this gave me the courage to try. So thanks to all who collaborated!

Also, it seems that the music addition really killed. Ranked #4!


Columns and Coffins gameplay video! :smiley: